“The four of us loved our Samurai experience. It offered many doors into Samurai life, including the dress, swordsmanship, and a tea ceremony. We all learned a lot about our own behavior as we practiced slashing through wet tatami mats with a sword. People of all ages will enjoy this – our family ranged in age from 14 to 68.”


“It was a great experience, Yusuke san was super helpfull before the experience because we asked for a special time for it and he was super quick with the responses. In the experience we talked, learned about the sword, enjoyed the tea, practiced, and everything. I don’t know if it is a must in japan but if you are interested in martial arts (as I am) you are going to love it.”


“Yusuke taught us so much in such a short period. The setting was marvelous. The kimono and swords were beautiful. He taught us so many details about the swords, in addition to other aspects of samurai training, giving a sense of the overall philosophy. I truly loved the experience. It was intellectually rewarding in addition to being deeply satisfying on multiple levels. As someone who often does tours and takes in things on a mental level is was truly unique to be impacted on so many other levels. I felt so comfortable in the class as well, as Yusuke was able to accommodate people with various abilities to pick up the moves. He’s also a kind person and patient teacher. Book this experience if you want to have an incredible time!”